Latest Projects - 01


Competitive Advantages

  • Seat mounted adjustable cab stands
  • Remote automatically activated when it leaves the cab
  • Remote missing buzzer only activated WHEN it leaves the cab
  • E-stop activated LED that flashes on the Cab Control Unit
  • Remote missing buzzer only activated once the truck is in gear.
  • Wiring harness is marine grade cable - acid proof. All plugs and joins are shrink wrapped.
  • Genuine Schneider e-stops - IP68 plugs used. Dual walled blue inserted heat shrink.

Remote Control Upgrades

Over the years Davcron has always been striving to keep that one step ahead, whether it be innovating on custom transit mixer design or with our Remote Cab Control units.

We've been upgrading our system over the past few years from the 433Mhz model to the new 915Mhz model with massively improved functionality and a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Also included is an enhanced wiring loom allowing for a plug and play interface that makes replacement easy. All our cabling is acid proof and all plugs and joins are shrink wrapped.

We are looking to the future and within six months will be incorporating a full video display HMI/LCD touchscreen which will include tracking, forward, side and reverse mounted camera display, options for proximity sensing for collision awareness and/or prevention including the option for emergency operated brakes to take over from the driver, CAN bus operated engine control, self-diagnostics of both electrical and hydraulic issues as well as the ability for remote diagnoses.

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