General Maintenance - Service B&C

General Maintenance Service B & C

  • Check level of Hydraulic Oil, top up if needed (Caltex Rando HDZ 68 High Temp or equivalent high temp oil) B
  • Check Hydraulic Oil for any signs of degradation (smell, colour, contamination, etc). Replace if required B
  • Change Hydraulic Oil "Caltex Rando HDZ 68 High Temp or equivalent mineral based oil C
  • Change Hydraulic Filter C
  • Change Gear Oil - "refer OEM requirements mineral based oil" B
  • Grease all Lubrication Points B
  • Check frame & rails for cracks and loose bolts / U Bolts.
  • Check front & rear pedestals for cracks / corrosion
  • Check & tighten the flange bolts at the front of the barrel and gearbox mounting bolts
  • Check ladder platform & handles / rails for integrity
  • Check swivel chute & brake for operation
  • Check swivel / feed / extension chutes for wear / sharp edges
  • Check adjustment of barrel bounce strap
  • Check barrel safety guards
  • Check water & oil tank mounting, bolts & brackets
  • Check for wear in pump driveshaft and universal joints
  • Check all hoses and fittings for wear / rubbing / leaks
  • Check slump gauge
  • Check agitator steps and attached hardware for security and structural integrity, repair/replace as necessary
  • Check barrel revolutions @ 1700 RPM (Minimum 16 - Max 22 RPM) Note Hood Barrels 13 RPM
  • Check water gun pressure (pressurised system to 45psi / 310 kPa)
  • Test operation of Barrel Emergency Stop
  • Test operation Mixer Remote Interlock / Maxi Brake - Transmission Interlock
  • Check thermo fan operation

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