Stationary Mixers

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Stationary Mixers

If you’re in need a mixer for dry or wet products, the Davcron range of stationary mixers would be the perfect option. Many of our clients have used these mixers for the mixing of soils and other plant material which needed to be manufactured in bulk.

These types of mixers can be extremely cost effective and when we have built these mixers in conjunction with conveyor belts we have seen them used by many entrepreneurs in many unique and yet innovative circumstances.

They can be either driven by an electric motor, which does need be three phase, or if power is not available a diesel power pack can be used to suit your location. You also have a choice of cable or electronic remote controls. The former is usually more popular, not only due to a reduction in price but for its simplistic use, so that anyone can use it without much training. Also, if cables are used and anything does go wrong, they are very easy and cost effective to replace.

Dimensions 2.2m3 2.6m3 3.0m3 3.5m3 4.0m3
Mixing Capacity to AS1379 - 2007 2.2m3 2.6m3 3.0m3 3.5m3 4.0m3
Height to Feed Chute (A) 1,655mm 1,730mm 1,830mm 1,910mm 1,920mm
Height Overall (B) 1,775mm 1,840mm 1,910mm 1,930mm 1,940mm
Height to Swivel Chute (C) 710mm 785mm 860mm 935mm
Centre of Gravity – estimated (F) 1,585mm * 1,740mm * 1,962mm * 2,010mm *
Height to Centre of Gravity (approx) (G) 605mm 603mm 601mm
Nominal Length on Truck Chassis (D)+ 3,500mm 3,800mm 4,200mm 3,400mm 5,830mm
Nominal Length Overall (E) 3,955mm 4,240mm 4,550mm 3,750mm
Nominal Width Water Tank (H) 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Barrel Specification:
  • Dished End 8mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Back Cone 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Nose Cone 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Centre Band 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Mix Blades 4mm Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Discharge Blades 3 & 4mm Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Width over Mudguards 2,130 - 2,230mm
  • Outside Chassis Width 840 mm
  • NStandard Chassis Rails 75x75x4mm RHS

* Operating weight and centre of gravity may vary - average approximate only. Specifications are references only - design or material improvements are incorporated automatically.

+ Deduct 400mm from A should you relocate water tank to high mount position above drum head drive gearbox.