Mixer Accessories

Air Controls

Davcron have a well-stocked supply of air controls for your mixer. This includes brass hose tails, 3 way ball valves, holdback valves, pressure regulators, relief valves and coloured air lines.

Chute Components

We can supply, hoppers – both round and square and maxi, extension and placement chutes - aluminium or plastic lined - as well as swivel chutes, either raw or painted in your company’s livery.

Electrical Controls

We stock all our electrical componentry including, 12V and 24V Fan Assembly Complete, Remote Transmitter and Receiver cards, chute raise and lower switches, e-stops, LED lights (rear) and work lights.

Gear Drives

Davcron stocks all of our more popular range of gear drives to remove and replace if your gear drives fails at any time. These include ZFCML12/10, ZF3301/4300 as well as the popular Bonfiglioni 575/577.

Hydraulic Components

Check our full range of Danfoss and Rexroth hydraulic motors as well as our hydraulic rams, slump gauge kits, oil cooler fan assemblies, hydraulic solenoids, oil tank reservoirs and many more stocked items.

Mixer Assembly Parts

We have both Elphinstone and air bag scales, maxi-trunnion rollers, bounce straps, barrel safety guards (both sides), single, double and triple steps with/without platforms as well as ladders if required.

Mixer Frame Components

We carry a range of 6.5mᶾ, 7.5mᶾ and 9.0mᶾ mixer frames in stock and undercoated ready to add your company colours. We use 100x100mmx4mm chassis rails built for brute strength and Davcron reliability.

Wheel Components

Davcron stock plastic wheel guards for most company requirements as well as offset chassis poles and hangers. We also carry many custom company mud-flaps as well as running boards made of aluminium or steel.