Mini Mixers

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Mini Mixers

The Davcron range of mini hydraulic transit mixers are an asset to any fleet. They range in size from our smallest mixer at 2.2mᶾ all the way through to our 4.0mᶾ model. All our mixers come with a full range of available extras.

With restricted access height and width to a job location, Davcron’s mini mixers allow greater access to smaller entry points which require smaller loads and areas where there are site access issues. Our mixers have all the functionality and additions that we place on our larger models and we can customise anything you require for your mixer. Our highly qualified staff have many years of experience and will work with you to make sure that what you get is exactly what you want.

For information on the mini transit mixer range call our office and we can work with you to see which size is the best addition to your fleet.

When you deal with Davcron Engineering you can be confident that your expectations will not only be met - they will be exceeded.

Dimensions 2.2m3 2.6m3 3.0m3 3.5m3 4.0m3
Mixing Capacity to AS1379 - 2007 2.2m3 2.6m3 3.0m3 3.5m3 4.0m3
Height to Feed Chute (A) 1,655mm 1,730mm 1,830mm 1,910mm 1,920mm
Height Overall (B) 1,775mm 1,840mm 1,910mm 1,930mm 1,940mm
Height to Swivel Chute (C) 710mm 785mm 860mm 935mm
Centre of Gravity – estimated (F) 1,585mm * 1,740mm * 1,962mm * 2,010mm *
Height to Centre of Gravity (approx) (G) 605mm 603mm 601mm
Nominal Length on Truck Chassis (D)+ 3,500mm 3,800mm 4,200mm 3,400mm 5,830mm
Nominal Length Overall (E) 3,955mm 4,240mm 4,550mm 3,750mm
Nominal Width Water Tank (H) 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Barrel Specification:
  • Dished End 8mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Back Cone 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Nose Cone 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Centre Band 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Mix Blades 4mm Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Discharge Blades 3 & 4mm Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Width over Mudguards 2,130 - 2,230mm
  • Outside Chassis Width 840 mm
  • NStandard Chassis Rails 75x75x4mm RHS

* Operating weight and centre of gravity may vary - average approximate only. Specifications are references only - design or material improvements are incorporated automatically.

+ Deduct 400mm from A should you relocate water tank to high mount position above drum head drive gearbox.