Tunnel Mixers

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Tunnel Mixers

With the rapid growth in the mining industry in Australia over the last 20 years, Davcron Engineering has become one of the leading manufacturers of custom-built tunnel/mining mixers.

We can build your tunnel mixer to any size and variation, dependent upon the size of the articulated vehicle. Davcron can adapt the height requirements to suit the mining company's requirements and ensure that the concrete gets to the site wherever it is underground ready to pour.

We have designed unique features to specifically enhance safety and to ensure longevity throughout the life of your mixer. Davcron has a proven track record with many major mining companies and are the only company that has an articulated mining truck with our mixer design incorporated in every major opal and gold mine.

Call us today to discuss your requirements of your next tunnel/mining mixers and its specifications.

Dimensions 2.2m3 2.6m3 3.0m3 3.5m3 4.0m3
Mixing Capacity to AS1379 - 2007 2.2m3 2.6m3 3.0m3 3.5m3 4.0m3
Height to Feed Chute (A) 1,655mm 1,730mm 1,830mm 1,910mm 1,920mm
Height Overall (B) 1,775mm 1,840mm 1,910mm 1,930mm 1,940mm
Height to Swivel Chute (C) 710mm 785mm 860mm 935mm
Centre of Gravity – estimated (F) 1,585mm * 1,740mm * 1,962mm * 2,010mm *
Height to Centre of Gravity (approx) (G) 605mm 603mm 601mm
Nominal Length on Truck Chassis (D)+ 3,500mm 3,800mm 4,200mm 3,400mm 5,830mm
Nominal Length Overall (E) 3,955mm 4,240mm 4,550mm 3,750mm
Nominal Width Water Tank (H) 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Barrel Specification:
  • Dished End 8mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Back Cone 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Nose Cone 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Centre Band 4mm Intensified Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Mix Blades 4mm Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Discharge Blades 3 & 4mm Wear Resistant High Tensile
  • Width over Mudguards 2,130 - 2,230mm
  • Outside Chassis Width 840 mm
  • NStandard Chassis Rails 75x75x4mm RHS

* Operating weight and centre of gravity may vary - average approximate only. Specifications are references only - design or material improvements are incorporated automatically.

+ Deduct 400mm from A should you relocate water tank to high mount position above drum head drive gearbox.