Latest Projects - 02


Competitive Advantages

  • Current limiting.
  • Temperature sensing and display on the board for ease of viewing and instant diagnostics.
  • Solid State switching.
  • LEDs on board for fault diagnostics.
  • Power Consumption.
  • Temperature Display Housed in IP68 enclosure with clear front lid for ease of inspection.
  • Backup protocols to power the fan in critical situations.

Fan Controller

From our experience we have noticed that fan relays and temperature switches fail over time due to a myriad of reasons, such as contacts failing due to high current load or back EMF (electromagnetic field) and failures caused by high temperatures. We have developed a Solid-State Temperature sensing control board with onboard diagnostics to overcome all these issues that in the past have hindered fans from performing at their best.

We believe that this technology will greatly increase reliability and decrease the time required to diagnose faulty components such as fan motors, temperature sensors and power supplies. Our new system incorporates future-proofed backup protocols to power the fan in critical situations when the temperature sensor becomes faulty.

This innovative technology is housed inside high quality, IP rated housing with a UV and acid resistant, transparent front lid.

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