Latest Projects - 03


Competitive Advantages

  • Remote automatically activated when it leaves the cab.
  • Remote missing buzzer only activated WHEN it leaves the cab.
  • Once fully charged the remote automatically changes to 'flout' mode so as not to overcharge the battery.
  • Remote missing buzzer only activated once the truck is in gear.
  • Wiring harness is marine grade cable - acid proof. All plugs and joins are shrink wrapped.
  • The Cab Control Unit will reset the STOP mode once the remote has been returned back to it's cradle.

WR820 Remote Control Interface

We were asked to undertake a large project by an Australian mining company that desperately required a wireless cab control solution for their new underground tunnel mixers from not only a safety and productivity purpose but one that also adhered to Australian Standards and would be supplied with all the appropriate credentials and documentation.

The project from start to finish spanned around four months and 250 man hours with the end result being very successful as well as garnering interest from the actual OEM, a result which we were very proud and pleased with.

Our system (which is completely plug n play) is fully integrated with the trucks wiring and incorporated ideas such as wear and tear functionality which would aid ongoing maintenance and gave us good reason to develop a quick release articulation harness

The Davblue remote control interface gives the operator a wireless control of the barrel, chute, water pump, auxiliary pump function as well as many other features.

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